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The best facial anti-blemish cream for you

For men and women of any age, having a blotchy face represents a trauma, regardless of the reason or origin. Luckily, we can count on different types of depigmenting cream, gel, anti-blemish cream, and serums that work by helping us minimize those unsightly spots to good prevention.

This is the reason why the demand for these types of cosmetics is increasing. What if I told you that it is not difficult to choose a good, but above all, effective anti-blemish cream?

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Essential aspects of buying an anti-blemish cream

To choose the best anti-blemish cream, certain basic principles must take into account:

  • We must bear in mind the type of skin we have since we will find anti-blemish creams with particular needs.
  • Age also matters because depending on your stage of life, your skin will demand one type of treatment or another, depending on the specific purpose of action. Generally speaking, preventing spots is for all ages.
  • Choosing a cream that already contains a sun protection factor is ideal, so you save having another different product, and you assure that you are always protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • If you are sensitive skin or allergies to specific components, there are also depigmenting cream options for you.
  • If you have very localized spots, choose creams that provide specific action for these areas and that guarantee uniqueness in the skin tone.
  • To see faster results and not have extra products, buy depigmenting creams that can use day and night.

And of course, if you are vegan and natural, there are also creams on the market with excellent results that are friendly to our skin.

But, regardless of the cream you buy, what you do have to be clear about is that the results in this type of treatment not seen from today to tomorrow, but you have to be patient and constant to be satisfied with your new image.

What are its main ingredients?

We all know that there are more effective products than others and that the market is full of anti-blemish creams and serums that claim to be effective. As in all things, always look for quality.

And when you arrive here, you may be wondering how to know which one to buy?

The answer is none other than to look at the components of the cream. I am going to explain to you which are the essentials.


  • It has a depigmenting effect and acts on the tyrosinase enzyme, preventing it from completing its metabolism, and therefore, melanin cannot produce.

Retin-A or Tretinoin

  • It is a derivative of vit. A that helps robust cell regeneration and helps unify the color in the person’s skin tone.
  • It also has an exfoliating function for dead cells and cleanses the pores allowing us to see smoother and younger skin.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid

  • The main action of this protein is the formation of collagen, and it is a powerful antioxidant.
  • First of all, make it clear to you that the combination of an antioxidant agent with a depigmenting principle is synonymous with having chosen the product you want to buy well.

When and how to use your depigmenting cream correctly?

anti-blemish cream

Something important to know is that the excess melanin in our skin gives the stain its color.

The more time we spend with this stain, light brown at first and darker over the years, the more difficult it will be to treat it, so the ideal is to act quickly as soon as we begin to see any sign on our skin.

Everything and so, I do not mean that the darker spots cannot treat, only that they will need a little more time and perseverance to see a satisfactory result.


  • The anti-stain cream must be applied daily, yes or yes, and much better if it is morning and night. It should use continuously so that the effect we want can be seen.
  • In some cases, we will see more or less rapid results, but they are achieved more in the long term and gradually in most cases.

Always wear sunscreen

  • Even when it’s not summer! You have to protect the skin from the appearance of spots, and sunscreen is vital since UV rays age and stain.
  • And I insist, the sun rises every day of the year. Go out yourself every day of the year with your facial sunscreen.

Some of the best facial anti-blemish creams

  • MARTIDERM Depigmenting Cream SPF
  • Clarins Bright Plus Intensif Eclaircissant Serum Anti-taches


As you have already seen, miracles do not exist, and the appearance of spots on your skin depends, to a great extent, on the lifestyle you lead and your prevention and daily care habits.

Remember to always look at the components of your anti-blemish cream. With the advice and information that I have given you, you will know how to choose the most suitable one for you.

The days of spots on your skin are over!

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