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8 Simple Ways To Fix A Foundation That Is Too Dark For You

The most important thing you can’t afford to make a mistake with is the shade of your foundation. What if you purchased the wrong shade of foundation than what you require? How do you fix a dark foundation? It is not easy for everyone to buy another foundation even though this new and shiny product can be found in your pantry with any value. Let’s figure out the solution to this.

Read on to find out how to resolve this problem. The solution isn’t as complex as you might see

How can I make dark foundation lighter when you’re in a rush?

There are many methods to achieve this. There are immediate solutions and solutions that enable you to reduce the color of the entire bottle. These solutions are classified in the same way; that is why you can apply the fix immediately and then keep the bottle when you return home!

Let’s start with simple solutions. In the end, you might be in a position of having the wrong foundation now!

Quick fix tips

1. With A Moisturizer

We always have a moisturizing product in our bags. Women don’t leave the house without a small tub or bottle in their purses. This is all you need to repair your foundation!

Apply a small amount of foundation onto the palm of your hand and add some drops of moisturizer to it. Mix it all up thoroughly. Verify that the color is suitable. You can apply an additional moisturizer if required.

The moisturizer can reduce the amount of pigmentation in the foundation. This shade will be just right for you.

2. With a Finishing Powder:

Nearly everyone has one of these products they use to highlight their makeup. If you own the one you want, then don’t require any other product.

After applying your foundation, apply the powder evenly on your face. This will lighten the shade of the foundation. Be sure to apply the powder that is used for highlighting instead of the one that you’ve set aside to contour or bronzing!

3. With a Wet Sponge:

If you apply the fingers for mixing your foundation, especially with liquid foundations, they appear darker than if you use an applicator or brush. If you’re using an unnaturally dark foundation, do not apply it with your fingers. The sponge can be the ideal solution!

Before using the sponge, you should dampen it just a little. Don’t expose it to running water. The goal is for it to be damp but not wet. Once you’ve soaked the sponge, apply a small amount of the foundation and apply it to your skin. Be sure to apply the foundation with an easy hand. It is not a good idea for the foundation to get tucked into the crease and reveal the darker shade several hours later.

4. Covering Up With Concealer

First of all, this is a delicate process and use of the product in smaller amounts.

Apply a concealer to the areas you require and conceal the imperfections. Take a small amount from the concealer and mix it with the concealer. Make sure you blend it into the shape of a triangle instead when you’re suffering from dark circles. This means that you place dots around the eyes, start at the end of the eye, and then move downwards toward the cheek. This way, when you have dark circles, they won’t be over-emphasized!

5. Make sure to use it sparingly:

The purchase of a darker foundation isn’t necessarily an issue. It could save you the cost of buying new concealers.

All you need to do is not apply the product daily and on your entire face. Apply it to those marks or spots you want to conceal. Much like applying concealer!

6. For a bronzer:

It could also be referred to as a bronzer if you don’t have one already.

Apply a light foundation over your face. Use the darker foundation on your jawline to draw attention to it.

7. By Using A Lighter Foundation:

Let me share one thing. Before I bought this foundation that was too dark, I purchased one that was too heavy for me! The best thing that has happened was that now I have a too dark and heavy for my needs.

What’s that about it? Because I’m now able to mix them in the proper proportions to get the perfect color of foundation! Also, here don’t just throw the entire mixture in one go. Place one of the foundations in a bowl and gradually add the others until you are left with the perfect shade.

8. Make It A Summertime Friend:

If you don’t feel you can use any of these methods while working, keep in mind that each product you purchase has a shelf-life of at least one year. That means you will have at least one summer before the product’s expiration date. Summer brings tanning. This is perfect to use during the summer months. So, don’t throw it out in a hurry. Be patient!

Many women buy a foundation that is too dark or dark for them. When buying a foundation product at first, purchasing the wrong shade of foundation is typical. To fix the shade of a dark foundation, you can follow the steps and tricks mentioned above. These are quick fixes to lighten dark foundations. But, it’s important to keep in mind that buying an older foundation isn’t necessarily bad. It can help you save the expense of purchasing an entirely new concealer. All you need to do is ensure that you don’t apply it daily as well all over the face. Apply it only to the areas of blemishes and spots that you’d like to cover.


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