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7 Lesbian Wedding Outfit Ideas for 2022

We live in an era where brides are not obliged to dress up in a white gown associated with traditional weddings. There are some pretty great lesbian wedding outfits ideas you can copy. Let’s explore some of them and how they can suit you.

Traditional Wedding Dresses

If both of you have been dreaming about a white wedding, then you might want to each select gowns that suit your individual personalities. The major decision you have to make as a couple is the type of clothes you want to wear for your big day.

It’s Style Extravaganza

If you are open with each other, you can decide if you want to match up or not. Then you can go ahead and decide on what you wish to wear specifically on your own. There are numerous types, shapes, and designs of wedding dresses that you can choose from, so if you both want traditional white, the world is your oyster. Or your tulle. Or your lace. Or even your silk.

Go for the Double Dress

There is the option to do the double dress, where both wear the same designed dress. You can also go for the complimentary dress where you both wear different colors and designs that complement each other.

It’s the Tux for Us

Some brides want to change the ordinary, and bridal suits are becoming a very conventional fashion statement. Some women prefer to go the traditional tux way with a solid blue, grey, or black shade. It exudes a more masculine look, which can be a disadvantage if you are looking for a more feminine vibe.

Spice Up The Suit

Because tuxedos are mainly designed with men in mind, you might want to have one tailored to fit your body type, just the way you want. You can even go for a bold color choice in the material selection as opposed to the traditional colors. If you would like to reduce the seriousness of the suit, you can play it cool and wear the casual version of the suit. Just the pants, shirt, and maybe some suspenders make a perfect summer wedding look.

Jumpsuits are a Great Option

If you do not want the two or three-piece suit, you can take the jumpsuit path. These one-pieces can be tuned to achieve a bridal gown elegance while retaining the suit-y style.

Match some Elements

If you want the opposite effect where one person is in the gown, and the other is in a tux while looking a little alike – that is also very achievable. The best thing about a lesbian wedding is that you can both accessorize in ways that a heterosexual wedding would be limited from.

The spouse who wears a tux could have a corsage, a tie, pocket square, or jewelry that would work to complement the bridal accessories. The gown could have a bow that matches the tux color.

According to Wedgewood Weddings, “If you want to match, but stay distinct, picking the same outfit but in different colors is a wonderful option. For visual harmony, choose shades with the same tone. Or, for contrast, choose the same hue with a lighter and a darker tone.”

There are some pretty good ideas you can get for your lesbian wedding, and these two are some of the best ones on the market. All the best as you tie the knot!

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