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5 ways to promote the post valentines offer at your spa


Valentine’s Day: Everyone in the spa industry knows the struggles that might arise when promoting a business. Whether it has a hard time reaching the right people with our message, attracting the customers we want to our services, or making the most of our limited marketing resources, we face daily challenges.

You’ll need promotion techniques that put your spa in the best possible light to succeed despite these challenges.

Run Social Media Campaigns

Unless your business is known, none of the marketing strategies will do you good. Social media is a great platform to set yourself apart, boost your reach, and advertise because it’s widely used.

You can accomplish wonders in terms of getting promotions put there by building campaigns and driving audience engagement. Because buyers want to avoid being sold in everything they come across on their feed, conducting online contests to make people engage with your brand & posts might be the perfect remedy. You could use these as prizes in contests ranging from quizzes, makeover contests, giveaways of free services, and much more!

Ask your participants to like, comment, and follow your page to add your contest post to their walls & stories. Visually appealing content that uses relevant hashtags and graphics is bound to engage people and increase your followers.

A successful social media marketing strategy can increase brand awareness and generate revenue for your company for weeks or months. PosterMyWall has amazing templates for such promotional posts.

Create V-day bundles and packages

Encourage your customers to break through from the stereotypical and though popular but boring V-day gifts like flowers, chocolates, or cards and gift their loved ones something special by offering your packages and service combos.

Bundling your services and retail to entice your clients into trying something new is a smart way to put forward your diverse service menu. Even with such a basic strategy, you can cater to and target several potential customers. Offer self-care packages for the singles to enjoy alone or even with friends. Be bold in coming up with quirky and unique names for these combos.

Create a couple of spa services and treatments for two at a discounted price, and you have yourself an amazing valentine’s gift that couples can avail of together. Couples will have a great time getting massages and body scrubs, manicures and pedicures, soothing facials, and any of the other spa services done together. They can use it as an excuse to treat themselves while also doing something heartfelt for their significant other at the same time. These offers could run a long way.

To keep the festivities going, offer all-inclusive packages with spray tans, haircuts, steams, etc., and promote them as gifts they must purchase for their partners. To make your services more unique, you could conduct games and create a romantic ambiance with candles and incense sticks.

You could also offer retail products that align with your services, such as haircuts, shampoo, conditioner, or grooming supplies for couples.

Employ email marketing

You can only grow your company if you keep your current customers interested. Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching out to new customers. Marketing emails allow you to connect with customers on a more individual level.

Get your Valentine’s Day marketing message in front of as many eyes as possible. Sending a loving email is easy. Make it obvious from the subject line that this is a Valentine’s Day promotion email.

All share the pursuit of a bargain. Thus, use these promotional email samples to send emails to new and existing customers. In your email, explain briefly what the sale is for, why you’re offering it, and how the customer may take advantage of it. Provide all relevant information and circumstances.

When a customer has been loyal and a big spender with a certain salon, they may receive a discount code in the mail. Your customers will be very pleasantly surprised and appreciative of your thoughtfulness. If you want to aid your clients who are having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present, you can also let them know via email that you are selling gift cards at a discounted price.

Consider partnering with other businesses

Consider collaborating with similar local businesses to promote Valentine’s Day with social media competitions, giveaways, in-salon raffles, flyers, and deals.

Search for local businesses that offer the same target audiences as you, as this will allow your customers to easily provide a full day’s worth of Valentine’s Day experiences. It also provides you access to a new set of clients simultaneously—retailers of flowers, greeting cards, cakes, photographs, restaurants, jewelry, and more. If you’ve found the right partner, work out a mutually beneficial agreement, such as creating a Valentine’s Day bundle to sell to customers alongside your offerings for a holiday.

Consequently, your company will advertise this promotion on its social media channels and website, and your business partners will happily return the favor.

Utilize Brochures and Print Media

A well-made brochure, distributed in the right places, can solve many of your marketing issues. Spa brochure advertising can be quite profitable for your business when done right. Brochure covers that are dull, uninspiring, or lacking in refreshing photographs will not entice readers to continue inside.

If you own a spa, it’s important to pitch your business with a catchy title and motto and then allow the design to talk about all the wonderful things it has to offer. Use visuals to convey the Valentine’s Day deals and plans you’re offering.

Couples who have used your services in the past, both on Valentine’s Day and afterward, can be featured in photos and testimonials. PosterMyWall is a great option for customizable templates.

Once you’ve created eye-catching brochures and flyers, the final step is to get them into people’s hands. Brochures provide information to clients, who can pick them up at the front desk of businesses like hotels, bakeries, florist shops, and so on.

Final Verdict

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively promote the spa’s post-valentine day specials. So sit back, and enjoy the relaxing spa services. Valentine’s day may be over, but the deals are still here and they are amazing. So give yourself the relaxing massage you deserve

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