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4 Tips on How to Dress When You Have Your Periods

Finding the right clothes to wear can be tricky if you’re having your period. Here are some tips on how to dress when you have your period.

Wear super-absorbent knickers

Wearing super absorbent period knickers is a good idea because they’re comfortable and protect you from stains on your clothes.

Super absorbent knickers are designed to offer breathability, so you don’t have to worry about them being uncomfortable when you wear them for a long time. They also wick away moisture, so your skin doesn’t feel clammy or wet all day. The WUKA FLEX collection of period knickers comes in organic and BCI cotton.

They also protect you from getting stains on your clothes. For example, if you wear regular trousers during your period, there’s a chance that blood will seep through the fabric and stain it, which can lead to an embarrassing situation. This isn’t an issue with super absorbent period pants because they are made with extra layers of material to prevent any leakage from happening in the first place.

Focus on comfort

It’s essential to wear comfortable clothes – such as leggings, worn-in jeans, or maxi dresses – during your period because:

  1. It will be easier for you to move around, which is especially useful if you’re trying to get to work or school.
  2. It will help reduce irritation caused by the constant movement of your body and clothing, which can be painful and uncomfortable during your period.
  3. It can help you focus on what’s happening around you instead of worrying about how much pain you’re in from the uncomfortable sensation of ill-fitting or constricting clothing while having your period.

Avoid whites and pastels

White and pastels are harder to wash. You can’t just throw them in the washing machine like you would with black clothes. Instead, they require more care and effort, so it’s a good idea to avoid wearing these colours when on your period.

Furthermore, pastels and whites are more likely to stain and tend to bleed when exposed to period blood or other liquids (like wine). The colour will rub off onto your underwear or shorts if they are close enough when you’re moving around. If your trousers aren’t “panty friendly,” they may even transfer onto your shirt.

Dress for easy access

At some point during the day, you may decide to change into a new pair of underpants, or maybe you just want to freshen up. Wearing clothes that allow for easy access makes the entire process fast and stress-free. Think elastic-waist pants or loose, flowy skirts which slide down or hike up easily. Avoid one-piece outfits such as jumpsuits or rompers, which require complete undressing and upper body exposure just to reach your knickers.

Period knickers: the best idea

Period pants are an excellent idea for women. They keep you comfortable and ensure you’re left feeling fresh and dry. This means you can get through your day with one less thing to worry about and focus instead on the task at hand. Another bonus? They’re an eco-friendly money saver! Wuka says their panties “replace tampons, pads, and menstrual cups.”